Miodowko.pl - a small local website.

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Miodowko it's a small village near Olsztyn in Poland - Warmia land. This beautiful place is located near the lake Miodowko, surrounded old forest. People there are very kindly and calm, but it doesn't mean they don't need a local web portal.

So, that's why project Miodowko.pl was born. You can find there general information about the settlement Miodowko, lake, small ads, residents, local business and companies, apartments, real estate and of course a little about tourism and neck of the woods.

Also Miodowko websites are very useful marketing tool. Particularly profile cards, estate ads and shout board with links. This project is based on zOlsztyna.pl database and web engine. Main marketing strategy is taken from RiseMyName.com web developer team.