Our thoughts and actions are all recorded.

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Feel the power of your connection!

According to physics, our thoughts and actions are all recorded in the energetic field that connects our entire universe. How Do Your Thoughts Create Your Reality?

Albert Einstein put the two concepts of space and time together mathematically and that made one word called 'spacetime'. In fact we can modify it to 'spacememory', because without memory, there is no time. If you cannot remember the second before, you wouldn’t have any time, so there would be no evolution.

Basically, there is this set of information, which is memory on the structure of space. So, you can imagine that when you learn something, you’re modifying the structure of space, even physically, meaning we know your genes are changing, we know your DNA is changing, we know all sorts of things are happening. You’re secreting all kinds of hormones and doing all kinds of stuff and that stuff is actually interacting with that field of information and it is leaving a very specific information imprint on the structure of space as you travel through space on this incredible space ship we call Earth - our mother Earth.

What does it mean? It does mean that this information becomes available and that supports, for the first time, the idea that the morphogenetic field is present. For example, you know the hundredth monkey scenario. Even with chemical reactions around the world, when it’s done for the first time, it’s really difficult to do it. But then, the more and more laboratories reproduce the chemical reaction, the easier and easier it gets to get it done. It’s been shown as well that if a certain amount of people start thinking in a certain way, it all of a sudden becomes available and easy and it starts to pop out all around the world. Historically, for instance, great discoveries are commonly found across the world from each other by unrelated people that all of a sudden have the same idea and the same kind of moment and all of a sudden it becomes available to the morphogenetic field all around the world.

So, yes, it becomes available. Does it mean that everybody gets this right away? No, because it has to have enough momentum. It has to be embedded enough by enough people for it to become more and more available, but it’s definitely there. Everything you do, everything you think, every move you make is being recorded by this structure of spacetime.