Second Hand Market. Sedo or NameDrive?

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Which platform is better to park, and which to sell domains?

I use both of them. Sedo interface is more frendly, items of menu looks nice, everything is suggestve, and just in right place. NameDrive service has faster engine instead. Seems to be intended for more advanced users. But who buy or sale domains without internet experience? Which of them is more effective to park domains and get earnings?

I parked about 20 domains on Sedo and almost the same quantity on NameDrive, global and national names. What can I see? Well, visits are similar, uniques too. What about earnings? For now I have 50 euro cents at Sedo and almost 50 at NameDrive (after 2 months). It's not too much. Time period was short and let me see it for next six months. I will change my keywords and maybe layouts.

Sedo puts more attention to sellers portfolio. You can list all of your domains with links at Sedo's page with your specific Id. Smart way to show customers all names in one place with price. It's cool couse You can not link to your parked domains at Sedo and NameDrive as well. With Sedo you have nice page with portfolio. Take look at my Sedo page. I like it.

I've tried Bodis as well. This service is strange. There is no keywords option. Optimizing is automatically by... I do not by who. Maybe is only algorytm, but not too smart. I don't like Bodis.