To Macturbate or stay plain Laptopiens?

07 Nov 2012  •  Speaker  •  Speaker •  In Thoughts  •  6494 Reads  •  Print

I want to buy a new modern laptop. It's hard to decide.

First question is - MS win or Apple system onboard? Secondly, which machine pick out? Onother matter of urgency is: SSD or big classic drive? Let me take a look at few models to try to make my decision more conscious.

1. Toshiba Portιgι Z830. Why this model? Becouse of modem 3g inside and SSD. Portege is not so beauty, but this ultrabook works well, and has battery for 5-6 hours working with wi-fi or modem.
2. Sony Vaio SA3N9E 3G. Big ram, SSD, also modem 3G. Sony has all I want. Looks good, with professional support. Is it better than Toshiba? To surf wide web I need't firm machine. Working time, user comfort, additional extensions are more important. Vaio is more gentle and more cute. A litle more expenive.
3. Apple MacBook Pro. This one looks the best! Smooth, flat, silver with beauty outfit. Starting is incredible fast. I don't like Mac OS, I don't like windows too, so the oparating system doesn't matter. There is only one thing - the price of Apple stuff. Still too high comparing with PC. Do You remember when Apple was laughing at intel? And what is now?

For now I have only dreams and some domains like,,,, and Who wants to change it for a real device?