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nowherestory screen

Yes, this is my second one. Project for domains, brands ect. I want to have something like blog with audience to hear opinions around my stuff. I used to put here my ideas, names, global and national domains. Daily writing gets my thoughts and mind around. That's good. Ready to steady! I don't care about the layout or CSS, take care about content instead. Wonder how long does indexing of Google bots take? I'm quite contented as far as Nowherestory domain is. Global, generic name includes popular word Story and a little mysterious Nowhere. I like it.

Php-Fusion ov course. It's ideal for me for now. Easily I can create, move, modify panels. Write adds, scripts. I know what is going on there much more than before. So it's suits me fine. This opportunity to learn script languages will bring me profits in the future. Want to be able to do a big commercial project. Preferably with one of my Top Level Domains. I'll be glad and satisfied.

So far I try to write news, articles and handle the structure of data base. Here are lot's of links to my domains, hostings and firends. Also I want to stick some new words, adverb and then use them as a global domains. For instance AutoTripping, Greenimize, Blosic, BlondWare, Macturbate - new words, new meaning, new domains. is ready to steady!

In the course of time become my personal first aid, IT, SEO (I don't know how to call it), platrofm. You can find some basic windows adds on in download section. There are also funny things like graphics, photos, songs and more.