Counter Friends

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Tags for this story:  CounterFriends sex firends gTLD care - global Top Level Domain for sale. See details on Sedo page link. What does it mean? It's funny. Sex of course.

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Meaning. The complete strangers you talk to at a house party who are assembled around the neutral, alcohol friendly zone of the kitchen counter. Like you, they may know only a few people at the party, including the super-mingling host, and are looking for counterfriends.

An alternative and perhaps superior definition is from a business or work setting. Counterfriends are those coworkers or supervisors you secretly hate but who have no idea how you really feel. Usually a Counterfriend has some obnoxious or dangerous quality, yet for whatever reason, it's not a good strategy to antagonize them. To avoid serving prison time for murder, I approach all my Counterfriends with misdirection and kindness.

As everyone can see, CounterFriends and sex walks together. Also with firendship, relationship and many more.