Sky Express

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Sky, flight, express, fast, quick, air tickets, travel, transport, services, logistic. Universal name. Looks very good in Swedish extension. me be for sale. scored better than 100% of 40,000,000+ domain names in the web database.

Domain Length. is a 10 character word. It can be good length by depending on what kind of domain name for targeting audience.

Top Level Domain. is still good but not best as same as .com. This is designed to target a specific country or audience (Swedish).

Dictionary Words. SkyExpress is not a dictionary word but it contains dictionary words. Dictionary is most important to people because they will remember better without dictionary words. This domain is contained with sky, skye, exp, express, pres, press, res.

Distinctivity. Distinctivity is the most important factor of all. The domain name has a very high distinctivity factor. Visitors to the website will not have any problem remembering, or typing, or pronouncing Excellent choice!