Homo Laptopicus and Laptopiens

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Homo sapiens are slowly turning into Laptopiens or, as I used to say, HomoLaptopicus. They don't leave home without their electronic devices. Computers, smartphones, notebooks, laptops, netbooks, iPads or Ipods and stuff like that are necessary to face the life and living as in TV show.

This is the essential of Homo Laptopicus. Homo Laptopiens live with chips and programs every hour, day by day. It's one of parts of New World Order program. Next step is nano chip RFID injected into body until death. "Nanotechnology could really help accomplish the goal of five-cent RFIDs for ubiquitous use" - Steven Van Fleet, Micromem's senior RFID adviser, tolds. This will boost your body and self but not mind. Nanotechnology could help speed the broad adoption of radio transmitters the size of a flake of glitter or smaller in nearly everything a person owns, from clothes to cows, permitting scanners to track those items from manufacture to end user. RFID means Radio-frequency IDentification or RFID tags essentially are bar codes that can be read from a distance, so instead of checking bar codes on items one by one, scanners can read all of the contents on shelves or in packages or body in a single pass. They will have knowledge about you and your moves. This will be the end of human race.

So, what can we do? To wait? I think we must learn about it and stop NWO. ComingRace.com is ready to participate in world fight and information propaganda. Don't be affraid, just use your mind and turn your TV set off.

As far as my aim is there are also available permium names: HomoLaptopicus.com and Laptopiens.com. After that, if you feel a little insatiable try NanoSeduction.com instead.