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Heading for the tommorow.

Heading for the beauty.

Pretty as a picture. But what is inside? To get knowledge about we need years of experiences. Is she pretty? Yes, she is. Is this product good? Of course, look how beauty it is. We are heading for the beauty, but we don't know what for. Can you imagine UglyTV? Who wants to see it? Everyone wants to be beauty. Stupid attitude, frequently non environmental, non-ecological, non-organic. Non-economical but commercial and modern. Makes profits only for its liders.

We shoud have an eco statement and manage our resources to make the most of an effective way. People now are only workers and customers. To have goods they have to work. After work period they're spending time and money. To having shopping everytime they must work every day. Always with smartphone or computer. There is no time to think, no time to get real. No real life only doing job or tv commands. Working laptopiens or HomoLaptopicus with access to informations of everything and everywhere.

Heading for Tommorow, Heading For My Life.

Let me bring you a great domain name by the way. HeadingForMyLife. This global range name sounds like a slogan and may be as a main topic, a credo of blog site or eco news. Goes well with latest informations, ecologic attitude, future plans and projects. Society, body care, health care, ecological care. Ideas, conceptions, inspirations, resources, approaching visions, comming sensations.

Claim to Fame. How much is the fish?

Heading for the Fame. On commercial markets one of the most important thing is name. The fame name is the best. For all kind of products. If you have a fame name you can sell everything. A Fame Name gaurantees a success. Famous names are usually easy to remember and bring you directly to the target. Fame names are living in net world as well as in real.

Direct Heading - Get Directly.

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