Some Names are Better than Others.

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Yes, some names are better, some are the best. Shorter means better - always. Top Level means better than second level. Names with reputation and history, indexed, containing main keywords, having visitors are the best. is just like that. Featured Premium Domain Name.

What is the Domain Name Aftermarket?

The domain name aftermarket exists for one purpose, helping people get their perfect domain name. Every day thousands of short, memorable and highly brandable domain name registrations expire and become available to register. However, there is such a high demand for these names that getting one without help has odds like the lottery.

Domain names are one-of-a-kind, literally. While many variations on a theme are possible (for example, and, is likely to be the best because it's short and simple.

If you want to find premium domain name, with reputation, keywords, backlinks you have to take a gender at one of aftermarkets - NameDrive, Sedo or other. It's better to start business with working and wellknowing name. You can save your time and money for marketing operations.

Domains are a Business.

There is an entire industry built around trading and monetizing domain names. Domains are used for speculation and investment similar to real estate and revenue generation through domain parking and advertising. I use SEDO for purose.


A domain name can be reserved for a period of 1 -10 years. When the registration is not renewed by the domain expiration date it enters a renewal grace period. During this period the domain name is still unavailable to register to everybody.