Miodowko.pl - a small local website.

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Miodowko it's a small village near Olsztyn in Poland. This beautiful place is located near the lake Miodowko, surrounded old forest. People there are very kindly and calm, but it doesn't mean they don't need a local web portal.

RiseMyName.com - getting names up.

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Would you like to learn how to build world wide website? RiseMyName.com tells the ways to reach the top. You can find there informations around domains, hosting, copywriting, backlinks, internet marketing and a few useful SEO tips.

Smart Girls way, party, statement and more.

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Smart Girls are on the web already. The name of Smart Girls site is Smartrils.com. There are many smart, beauty, featured new names. Famous women, erotic and sexy blondes, extravaganza fashion. The way, party, atittude and many more.

Centrum Stolarki Budowlanej Avista,

Avista Olsztyn strona domowa

It's time to make some noise with Avista Centrum Stolarki Budowlanej z Olsztyna. To reach the top for phrase 'Avista Olsztyn' or 'Avista zOlsztyna', I've created a new site using top level domain name - CentrumStolarkiBudowlanej.pl.

Remose.com first landing page.


One of my dreams comes true. I've made my own parking page for Remose.com. Looks and works great. It was very good time for me. I will remember remose word untill death for sure. Next page will be for Remose.eu or BlondWare.com. We'll see.



Yes, this is my second one. Project for domains. I want to have something like blog. I used to put here my ideas, names, global and national domains. Daily writing gets my thoughts and mind around. That's good. Ready to steady! I don't care about the layout or CSS, take care about content instead.

BackinBlack.pl site - my first project.

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Firtsly domain, it was simple. BackinBlack - top level polish domain - back to the black music, hip-hop, soul - suits well, we thoguhts. I've registered some domains before and there were no problem with it in that time. Next - hosting.

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