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Human Biology and Ecology.

Human Biology and Ecology.

Human biology explores the intricate systems and parts of human anatomy, but how your body works with these human biology. Anatomy and physiolog... - read more - global effect. -  global  effect.

People turn into Homo Laptopicus.

This is the fact. We spend too much time with computers, laptops or ultrabooks. Tablets with wi-fi or ... - read more

I'll show you the world you've never seen!
Heading for the tommorow.

Heading for the beauty.

Pretty as a picture. But what is inside? To get knowledge about we need years of experiences. Is she pretty? Yes, she is. Is this product good? Of course, look how beauty it is. We are heading for the beauty, but we don't know what for.

Homo Laptopicus and Laptopiens

Homo sapiens are slowly turning into Laptopiens or, as I used to say, HomoLaptopicus. They don't leave home without their electronic devices. Computers, smartphones, iPads or Ipods and stuff like that are necessary to face the life.

To Macturbate or stay plain Laptopiens?

I want to buy a new laptop. Hard decision.

First question is - MS win or Apple system onboard? Secondly, which machine pick out? Onother matter of urgency is: SSD or big classic drive? Let me take a look at few models to try to make my decision more conscious.