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It's funny. Apple sucking Android.

It's funny. Apple sucking Android.

iOS or Android? Which soft is better?

I've found another funny stuff at the net. Decided to draw it as a vector to you can cut or plot i... - read more

Macturbate Care. - name with new, modern word. If you are apple's stuff sealer take a look at this global Top Level Domain. To pleasure oneself through use of an Apple product. Once Mike gets the new iPhone he's going to macturbate for a week straight.

To Macturbate or stay plain Laptopiens?

I want to buy a new laptop. Hard decision.

First question is - MS win or Apple system onboard? Secondly, which machine pick out? Onother matter of urgency is: SSD or big classic drive? Let me take a look at few models to try to make my decision more conscious.