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Let's get started. Great opportunity.

So, after a few years of thinking about everything I've decided to start writng. What for? I don't know yet. I hope it'll help me to arange my ideas and all crazy stuff in my mind. Feel ready to face the music, ready to go ahead.

I've bought NowhereStory.com. This name suts me fine as far as my story will go. Wondering if enybody will read it and how many joints I'll smoke to do this site useful for my aim. I want to rise my names and other internet domains I have or will. Daily jurnal it's a good idea for begin.

Anyway, You may have this domain if You like it :) For me it's just a name. I can move this site anywhere (or nowhere). I have lot's of stuff like global, european and polish domains names. I'll prepare a list of them and publish here soon. This name is great becouse of words hold in it and also by .com extension. Befit to projects like blogs, poetry, a tales of an events, also for news and forums.

In fact, I want to leave lot's of tracks of my ideas, projects and emotions in the web world. In the future I see my self working with SEO or create new brands, slogans ect. Nowadays internet gives me great opportunity to work anywhere. Long Tail of net history helps me also well.

I have no expierience, still learning php, java script, CSS ect. and even english. This is my first big project in fact. Ohh, I've done and I'm still updating BackinBlack.pl. Just for fun and my firends. For sure it is first in english.

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