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I have bought PowerLoop.PL

Isn't great name, PowerLoop.PL? You can a create great logotype base on PL letters and also use PL as a shortcut to Your project with your marketing. It suits fine to music, dj's or other sounds stuff. Power Loop is alive now! Should I buy Powerloops.pl also? - Yes. Great name, great loops, ready to use.

It's another one of my domains. I've similar like AudioTrack.at. Called similar because it's also base on sounds, track and things like audio, studio or music productions or music distributions. Can You see the logo with dubble AT? somethings like AudioTrack.AT ;)

I've put it on HostPark's machines. It's my business partner. They are quite cheap with high level of servises. Servers are in Germany. Check it out!

So, let's do st. because there is no time, I created simply logo and must to start all of the registration processes with google, tube, yahoo, gmail etc. Did You like this simple symbol?

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