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Euro 2012 Poland - what after?

Something for lazy people. For Laptopiens.

Cool chair to play football in your garden. Imagine that you can have a fun with friends and drinking beer or favorite liquor at the same time. Awesome! Of course take a smaller ball.

Poland after Euro 2012.

We have new stadions, a pice of road and new hotels. For what us stadions? We can't play football after all. We want more roads. Why? To have a possibility to visit us foregin people. For what? Not to play football of course, to live in new hotels, spend money and let the Poland country after Euro be alive. We will not be able to hold new stuff without tourisim. As the heading ask, what will be in those big sport objects? What kind of events and for whom? Is Poland an interesting, nice place? Is it worth to visit us again? Lot's of questions. Future will show us how it be.

Anyway, I preffer volleyball to football. ;p

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