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Rosalita Mc Gee and Missing Johnny

New Brands, check it out! Let they arise!

Catwalk shows, stores, shop on line, new collection, gratises, newsletters and many others.

I've noticed Rosalita Mc Gee waks with Missing Johny. They are want to sell they stuff all over the Europe. So I've bought RosalitaMcGee.eu and RosalitaMcGee.pl to start SEO with this brand. Both suit well to outlets, internet selling. They are fresh and sunny like a spahish sunrise.

Missing Johnny was born as a polish domain. MissingJohnny.pl is ready to use for online shop, presentation, blog or something like this. Also MissingJohnny.de. Both may be for sale of course, just contact me and make a offer.

Head photos taken from rosalitamcgee.com

Rosalita Mc Gee is a brand, full of colours, which turn even the darkest day in exclusive and special. A great many of details, motifs and ornaments spread optimism and illusion onto the woman dressing by Rosalita Mc Gee and everyone close to her to turn those days into special ones.

Check out: Collection of the Spanish brand Rosalita Mc Gee for Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 (taken from Fashion.bg).

Rosalita Mc GeeRosalita Mc Gee

Rosalita Mc GeeRosalita Mc Gee

Rosalita Mc GeeRosalita Mc Gee

Rosalita Mc GeeRosalita Mc Gee

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