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Obama - sing Madonna! Sing!

Try to sing directly to his black mic. GetDirectly.

It's funny, pop diva Madonna incited us to vote for Barack Obama. And I ask what's he done? And why Madonna do this?. I will not vote for Obama, and will never buy Madonna's music for sure.

And now it is so amazing and incredible to think we have an African American in the White House," she said. What does it mean? What will Madonna do when Barack lose? Will still kissing up like now do? Is it really some kind of ride for Africa? For money of course. It is really true that US need black President after November election? USA story is permament dirty story. Have you seen The Obama Deception by Alex Jones? Should find it and share after to another.

So y'all better not vote for... Obama, okay?

Current President of US is a kind of pupet of Wall Street VIPs. There is no any other people, only Wall Street administration in White House. After JFK there were no true President in America. His dead is a message for future presidends - do as we talk, or will be dead like John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It's time to change it. Be aware and conscious when vote.

What happend with her face? It's besouse of music? Does music have enough power to change the life? Your face is your life.

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