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Benutzung Herrentoiletten.

Very smart way to earn much more.

How much is the pee? 10 cent or 2 Euro? Which one do you prefer? Toilet grandmather knows well, that everyone put 2 Euro insted 1/10. Funny and clever way to incerase benefits and make people smile. Laughing everyday.

I've find it during my AutoTripping adventure at one of RastHoffs in German. They have the best roads to drive, best cars, audio stuff, technology and also, as u can see, funny ideas. I've put 1 Euro, I was there with my blondelka, I can't lie.

What about 50 Cent? Rap your pee faster nigga! Quick joke: who is the most reach man in the world? - the owner of 50cent. ;p. Imagin, your art nick is Half-Euro - enough for pee. Sounds very funny in this case.

Wie viel ist MissingJohnny.de wert?

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