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Aslambek Saidov - quick view on the best.

Best MMA welterweight european fighter.

Basic info: born in Grozny, Chechnya. Association: Arrachion MMA Olsztyn. Weight - 169 lbs (76.66 kg). Rank: (MMA 12-2). Fights for KSW, EuropeanMMA, Iron Fist.

He's a very nice boy, calm, decent with permament concentration. Splendid MMA fighter and also a good men. Be sure Aslambek will rise as a MMA fighter. Working out with the best, his cousin, Mamed Khalidov. I remember one of ours first meeting, I've lost my mobile phone at one's party. He's found it, turn off and gave me back next morning. Very good man, very smart, living with nature, very dangerous as a fighter.

I've found Saidov.pl is free and decided to register. It's ideal for personal page, fanpage, blog or forum ect. The best will Aslam can use it as a professional website or perfect e-mail like this: Aslambek@Saidov.pl

NowhereStory Idea

An Idea for Mamed and Aslam: You are so good with high level of experience and have enough fame to create your own bodybulding and trenning studio. I have a great name for You suits very good to this matter. FlexWorld.pl. You will have all Olsztyn behind You. Be Flex! Be on time! Everyone wants to kick some ass.
See also Aslam Facebook page. It's in polish only :(.


Casey O. says on MMA Inside the Cage #115: number one you know who it is? Out of Europe, Mamed Kalivdov, KSW 25 and 4, middleweight. He's literally beat everybody that KSW hes throwed at him. He is an animal. European superstar is what he is! Cyrus agree and says: He is great. So, Mamed is most wanted mma fighter at USA stage for now. All the best Mamed! Rule the world!www.nowherestory.com/images/news/best_mma_european_fighter_n.jpg
I can see your fight now at Polsat. All the best! Wolf, Wolf! Kurwa... he leg. Won!
Silva, Anderson and others are affraid about own asses when Aslan does matters. Best fighter

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