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MS Windows 8 - must win, or lose.

New system, or a good business?

Ms says, Windows 8 makes creating a home or small business network easy. New operating system is a bold innovation, melding the worlds of tablets and PCs. Its excellent touch input, an app store, and better performance are compelling. It is true?

I always want to have a pc machine like all in one, with touch screen. I saw a few models from Asus or HP, but all of them seem to be a little not all there. Why? Couse Operating system. Based on Windows 7 devices are not ideal, especially if you try to use touch screen like you used to do with Apple stuff.

I wonder if Windows 8 will be able to convince me to buy a ultrabook with smart touch screen. I know well that Microsoft makes businesses, not people happy. I want to try new Win8 without a mouse and keyboard and then will describe my conscious feedback.

What about Kaspersky OS? It should be better than unix, Microsoft or Apple soft. Global, popular operating system for everybody. Would you like to have it?

Think global, get commercial - .com extension is the special!

KasperskyOS.com, as a global Premium Top Level Domain name, is for sale. Get interested.

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