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New Lexus LS has been seen up.

Fresh technology and the beauty.

The new Lexus LS, my dreams. I can see my body inside such a car. Full of electronics and technology from Toyota company. With fearures like Drive Select, wooden steering whell, centre console with round analogue clock, Climate Concierge.

4.8 liter V8 or 5.0-liter V8 + Electric Motor? Well, decision is a little difficult. After price of new LS comes technology.
Limited-slip Rear Differential - This system automatically and instantly distributes power to the right and left rear wheels to help improve traction and stability during cornering, without interrupting power output.
Downshift Rev-Matching - In manual mode, downshift rev-matching allows for more precise shifting and quicker acceleration when you're coming out of a corner.
Brembo brakes - The 19-inch forged alloy wheels are paired with high- performance Brembo front brakes, featuring massive six-piston aluminum calipers with 14.8-inch ventilated rotors with spiral internal fins for enhanced cooling.
Low center of gravity - The F SPORT sits 10mm lower than the other LS models, giving it a lower center of gravity which helps enhance handling-and a more aggressive look.

Nowhere Story LS

Would you like to have st more in one car? I wonder what the driver's feelings are. I want to listining to my favorite music and driving new sport edition LS and tripping to nowhere. That will be my story begin...

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