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Parking for my stuff.

I've just smoked another joint and get back to my old idea - I want to have my own parking for my domains. Simply, quick and usefull. I try to do st. like this with LogNow.eu projects, but I stopped. I've done one big mistake with LogNow - everything is belong to articles. Should be to users. So, this must be my next project. My domains stocks are staying in the grave. Still. I can not stand this!

LogNow.eu projects was starting when I've live in Jaroty. After a few drinks I stay alone at fusion with Dreamweaver and find, that it's easy to do parking for domains on this engine. In fact, in that moment I fall in love with fusion. Thanks Big Nick!

Lot's of memories, lot's of angry. How to start with soft? New fusion and free week is nessesery. Ov course a big box with green I love. ohh I remember: I have greenimize.com and do also nothing with this name ;( Feel sad. Wainting for the payment. Fuck! Lazy boy!

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