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Sky Fall - new movie or plagiary?

Sky Fail - polish edition

Who knows agent Bond 007? Everybody I suppose. In Poland we have also a movie about special agent. It's called Zero Siedem Zglos Sie. Polish special agent 07 try to catch all of bad people in the country. In fact special agent 007 James Bond is a big zero comparing with lieutenant Slawomir Borewicz 07.

This brave policeman takes only hard cases. Inteligence, smart, fast man with special addiction to stacked blonde sexi women. That's 07 - Borewicz. He used to use blondeware and never needn't to macturbate (hehe). His limited, extra abilities and skills makes him only one person to do this particular jobs. Drives a special car - the top achievement of polish auto technology and PLR's industry. Polonez 1500 - you can see the face of Polonez at Sky Fail poster. Such a vehicle will win main award at Car Audio Show in Europe for sure.

I can't remember what kind of music he likes. For sure has had loud, nice sound and audio system in his car. With music he drives better, thinks faster, acts much more effective. Kind of Audio Driver. With women he was making love like every special agent always do in action's film. Have you ever seen 07? Lieutenant Borewicz 07 is always on time to protect you and serve you. Your ever-reliable friend like Kaspersky OS. Like a personal guard. He's wainting for a job now, staying cool on the parking.

Remember, the motor vehicle action sequences sepicted in this film are dangerous. All stunts were performed in controlled environments with professionally trained stunt crews on closed roads. No attempts should be made to duplicate any action, driving or car play scenes herein portrayed.

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