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The Story of Light. FacetoMusic.

Steve Vai's new album has been released. Get it Directly.

Great guitar player Vai shows again who is the best in guitar world. The Story of Light album is the second part of a conceptual project that Vai started with 2005's Real Illusions: Reflections.

Twelve tunes. Each played specific vais style. "It's a human interest story, about the human condition," Vai says. "It's a story about this guy who has this traumatic experience in his life, and it drives him insane. We see the story through his eyes. It also involves the town he lives in and this stranger that enters the town who's like a shaman; he builds this giant edifice, like a reflecting pond, and when people come to it they see aspects of their personalities and identities and discover things about themselves. There's some comedy involved, too, but it's pretty esoteric. It's about a lot of lofty principles, so it's not a bad idea to dish this all out slowly. "Some people just want to hear me play guitar, too, and there will always be a lot of that," he says. "But for anybody who's interested in really delving deep into the story, eventually I think there's going to be a lot there for them to enjoy." VaiWorld - flexworld.

I don't know what will this record be in my life. One of thousands or one of my best. I do remember Passion and Warfare from 1990. It's still best remose and one of my favorite audio cd. I like it as much as it's old. Love this audio sounds and way of driving guitar by Steve.

If you are interesting in vai's biography this movie tells obout it. It's short and gives nice view. This reel was played at the 27th Annual TEC Awards where Steve Vai received the Les Paul Award- a prestigious award honoring those who have achieved excellence in music and innovation. Produced by Jeff Scheftel, Steve Swersky & Andy Alt.

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