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Adesso che ho perso la vista.

I can feel the waves coming on.

Now that I have lost my sight, I can see clearer or I can see much clearer now I'm blind. So, what Avista has on it? Nothing. I just feel approaching urgency to do something with domain Avista.Olsztyn.pl. Let's go!

You've may heard this name before really, this is one of my first domain and I think it will be the first I'll sell, this is: Centrum Stolarki Budowlanej Avista z Olsztyna. The company Avista sells okna (windows), drzwi (doors) and things like that. I want to sell out this domain name to Avista from Metalowa street in Olsztyn. Our first negotiations haven't flowed. To break the deadlock I've decided make some SEO operations and maybe the main web page for them. After that google should bring people from Avista round to my work.

Domain CentrumStolarkiBudowlanej.pl will be not for Avista only. It could be for everybody, for many construction companies from every town in Poland. I can use it to a lots of my future projects by creating subdomains. After that I can sell it out. I wonder if Avista will be blind or not. Time will tell.

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