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I put a simple screen at Avista.Olsztyn.pl

It's a local name I bought to sell directly to company called Avista Centrum stolarki Budowlanej. Half a year it stayed with nothing. So, at the beginning, I put a simple screem with basic informations about them. I want to make a full website, and administrate it, but those guys are very difficult and don't like to talk about internet and money. I'll try. I'll prepare a letter with proposition include avista.olsztyn.pl also I will create subdomains at zOlsztyna.pl for example Okna.zOlsztyna.pl or Drzwi.zOlsztyna.pl as a supports for searching engines. This kind of bundle names box should convinient the header of Avista. I hope so.

Anyway, I can and will put here some name and text to link my stuff untill they decide. Maybe use it to my future project zOlsztyna.pl.

I've forgot, I made favicon with A letter using favicon.cc generator. For www.powerloop.pl also and both works and looks well. So, Avista.Olsztyn.pl is for sale. To have better searching results I've done CentrumStolarkiBudowanej.pl and Olsztyn.CentrumStolarkiBudowlanej.pl and, of course, Avista.CentrumStolarkiBudowlanej.pl.

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