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Oui, oui mon amour... c'est moi!

Tell me that past times won't die and old lies are alive.

I know, you have new love and it looks good on you. I have never wished you dead. (untill yet). You look great! This feeling suits you fine for sure. You can now have all the things I could never give to you. I can't remember, how could you be so vain. Look out the window - C'est moi! Ca va!

Now while you are sleeping, I'm thinking and stealing your ear ring. The light you one candle, makes anger. This anger I can handle. People said I won't find you, but You know, now I'm beside you. I'm not all that stable you should know by now that you are only... a liar! This hate due to expire too long time ago kills me, it killed you too.

I'm driving and thinking. Leave my place and try to get directly to my target, but where is it? Nowhere. Maybe I'll go to France with my AudioDrive? Maybe not. I love french people, but also love dutch and german, spanish and all.

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