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How big is The Big Picture?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Nano technology - big things from a tiny world. The ability to build from the bottom up. Has this future technology been taken from the nature? Spider webs, for instance, contain nano scale crystals for strength and flexibility.

GNA - what the hell is this? It is Glycerol Nucleic Acid. DNA's chemical cousin is a nanotechnology building block. The first self-assembled nanostructures composed entirely of Glycerol Nucleic Acid (GNA) - a synthetic analog of DNA. The nanostructures contain additional properties not found in DNA, including the ability to form mirror image structures.

Sugar snakes, GNA cellulose-glucans, nano-arrays. C60... and all of this nanotech stuff can change the world. They're doing it now using nano devices, processes, nano structures and nano materials.

What will happen with our natural biology?

Syntetic biology is a science now. To increase the body limits, strenght, to be better than nature, to have more abilities, syntetic biology uses genetics, radiation, robotics, and of course, NanoTechnology and artificial intelligence. Marriage of man with technology to be immortal and more powerfull. Will the Coming Race have enough consciousness and wisdom to break this blind Nano Sedutcion? To use nano tech right we have to learn more. Let my teacher be the nature.

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