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Every day over 300 people are killed.

They are killed by drugs and deadly chemicals.

US FDA approved prescription drugs. It means over 100 000 deaths per year in the USA. To reach this number from gun shootings you have to kill every day, every hour many lifes. This chemical massacre happens quietly behind closed doors. The drugs giants like MSD, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline have own networks with milions doctors. Doctors recive financial kickbacks to prescribe more pharmaceuticals to more patients.

The main reasons of deaths from conventional medicine are drugs side effects, bedsores, medical error, infections, surgery, unnecessary procedures and much more. You are 6200% more likely to be killed by drugs and your doctor than by shooter or in airplane crash. 62 x higher risk. That's a huge number! What do you think, why natural medicine and stuff like natural medical marihuana are illegal? With legal medical marihuana drugs producers have no profits. That's it. Simple and as easy as pie. To kill take the pill.

What is your attitude? My is Eco-Statement.

Do we realy need this chemical shit? No, we don't. Remember, Coming Race will not need pills and chips under skin! Take an interest in it now. Learn more about New World Order. See what they are doing with us. Try to fight, don't be afraid. Use your illusion and mind. Be wise, turn TV off and try to think alone. Be green, eco and natural. We all are heading for tomorrow.

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