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New Domain: GREENimize.com

GREENimize.com - new eco name.

I like it very much. Simple green and eco, enable to minimize everything. Looks fantastic and easy to remember. Global extension makes it universal for lot's of projects. If You want to create eco site or something like this think about Greenimize.com. It's working since now, so google bots knows it well - You know what I mean ;)

Modern words like green, eco ect. have high level ability to remember. Besides Greenimize makes good mood ;)

As fast as possible I've made simple logotype of greenimize.com and basic screen, put it on one of HostPark's servers. Still thinking about my parking with SEO tools. I must do it. Check this out.

Do you like Greenimize? You can get it directly. Take it, use it and be one of the best. Green is green and will stay green for ever.

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