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KasperskyOS.com - antimalware OS.

The operating system is meant to protect industrial systems from cyberattack by preventing any third-party code from executing. The smart people at Kaspersky Lab are going to create their own secure operating system. This OS would run on industrial systems rather than your average home desktop PC or tablets. They want to protect the world's critical infrastructure, like nuclear power stations, transportation control facilities, telecommunications systems, and other "critically important" installations. Kaspersky suggests that the solution lies in a secure operating system. Such an OS could help ensure that industrial systems stay healthy and that the data generated is reliable. Will antivirus software maker Kaspersky Lab be able to do so?

So I guess it's time to lift the curtain (a little) on our secret project, - Kaspersky wrote and added: this is the important bit: the impossibility of executing third-party code, or of breaking into the system or running unauthorized applications on our OS; and this is both provable and testable.

Why is this necessary? Why KasperskyOS.com is a critical special domain name? To secure, to protect, to save data.

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