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HomoLaptopicus.com -  global  effect.

People turn into Homo Laptopicus or Laptopiens. Global phenomenon.

This is happening now. Not so slowly as many think. We are Homo Laptopicus and this is the fact. We spend too much time with computers, laptops or ultrabooks. Tablets with wi-fi or modem 3g are everywhere. We use internet to talk, to get informations, to do shopping, to get directly lot's of goods and to find out how the whole world is.

Let me preface The HomoLaptopicus as a global domain name of top level. It's not so short like my favorite Laptopiens one, but contains dictionary word Homo and new one - Laptopicus. Cool.

What Homo Laptopicus and Laptopiens are?

Best answer: People using permanently computers, smartphones, netbooks, laptops and everything ultra high turbo or latest from IT stuff to have ordinary life.

Are they global?

Best answer: Yes they are. HomoLaptopicus and Laptopiens are global. With world range because of the best .com extension. Both are global Top Level Domains.

Where I can see Laptopiens or Homolaptopicus?

Best answer: Everywhere. HomoLaptopicus and Laptopiens are there where is internet or 3g signal.

May I buy one? How to do that?

One answer: Yes. Just try to catch me via e-mail.

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