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Klaudia Podkalicka.pl as a driver.

Will she be as good as Robert Kubica?

Maybe Klaudia Podkalicka will be good, maybe even the best. I wish she would reach the top. For now she is only a driver. Looks very good on posters, covers, TV and promo shows. Drives well but not so good to be on the World's top. Podkalicka.pl will rise instead. This country code TLD walks well with blog site, fanpage, news and photos. New polish top domain name.

Is the beauty enough to be a good driver?

Twins Cole

Twins Cope are beauty. Both Angela and Amber look amazing. In 2010 these two blonde girls won NASCAR race as a first time by twins. Take a look at them.

Also take a look at my favorite one - Danica Patrick. She is a model and race driver at once. She was driving in IndyCar before and get NASCAR after.

Be famous! Have a Fame Name!

So, let Klaudia Podkalicka be a winner and a world famous driver. Let Podkalicka.pl be a Fame Name as far as domain is concerned. Besides, run and test one of my AudioDrive european country code domains. French, Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, Polish, global .eu and others ccTLD. Details you can find at AudioDrive.info web page.

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