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WebCuriosity.com - Are you exciting?

Curiosity killed the cat. WEB's cat.

A desire to know or learn. A desire to know about people or things that do not concern one. An object that arouses interest, as by being novel or extraordinary. A strange or odd aspect. Archaic Fastidiousness. And what about WebCuriosity?

A certain web curiosity to see what would happen next, after Web 2.0. When you feel of wanting to know. Anyway curiosity is a pasitive feature. Brings new ideas, new and better solution. Since World Wide Web has been everywhere web curiosity is a fever and is worthwhile. This wonder you can see standing near by HomoLaptopicus especialy. Like a child's natural exactness. Laptopiens have a full of curiosity about net world and cyber life. WebCuriosity.com is as a result of my internet curiosity. I wonder how web 3.0 will be like. How new CSS will be working. The state or quality or being accuracy about web details brings me an disposition to inquire, investigate world net name. For use as a domain name. Great desire! So try to exercise your brain with this domain name. Two modern words, easy to remember and to type.

Are you curious? Or one of them?

Eavesdropper. One who clandestinely listens in on private conversations; a fly on the wall, a snoop or spy. It was formerly the practice of such persons to listen in on private conversations by standing under the eaves of the dwelling in which they occurred. The dropper part of the term seems to have some connection with rain dripping off the eaves and onto the listener standing under them, as indicated by the following passage describing the punishment prescribed by the Freemasons for a convicted eavesdropper.

Fly on the wall. An eavesdropper, an unseen witness. In this expression, the implication is that a small, inconspicuous fly that has settled on a wall is able to witness events without being noticed. The phrase is nearly always heard as part of a person’s expressed desire to see and hear certain conversations or goings on (“I’d love to be a fly on the wall”); rarely is it used in contexts implying actual clandestine behavior. This same concept, that is, a small, unobtrusive insect acting as a witness, may have given rise to bug ‘a concealed recording device or microphone.’ However, it is more likely that bug was used to describe the tiny microphone, which resembles an insect.

Rubberneck. A person who gapes and gawks; one who stares intently at something or someone; a curious observer; a tourist. This expression alludes to the elasticlike neck contortions of one trying to view everything in sight. Although the phrase sometimes carries a disparaging implication of unjustified curiosity, rubberneck is more often applied humorously to conspicuous sightseers in an unfamiliar locale who gaze wonderingly at scenes taken for granted by the natives.

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