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Euro Zone - fly or flown?

Will the Old Europe rise or get down?

Money, money, money... How nice could world be without the money? Quite old and pretty wise cvilization in Europe seems to has a financial trouble. Political affairs, economic affairs, banking consolidations, even whole countries bankruptcy - that's what you can hear in one of europeans radio.

People are starting to being a little financially embarrased. They've heard about Greece and Cyprus at the radio or have seen some news in TV. The British people do not want to have Euro money. They prefer their lovely Pounds. Yes, Sterling rules. Question arise - why? Do the British doing something wrong with euro area? Maybe they are wise instead. What is worth an Euro Unit? How long this unity will works? Should Europe go to social or rather to free, worldwide markets? There is no land to discover, we have to live in crowd, in a big traffic jam. We are heading for tomorrow - for money and place to live life.

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