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Who wants to live forever?

What is the famous secret of being immortal?

The secret is very easy, simple and as old as the history of the world is. A man says: I'm heading for my life, live carefully, by the rules of nature and so on, but life is too short to explore everything I want. I want to live longer or even be immortal. Who knows the secret of life without end?

Through the knowledge of this secret we become more powerful, more happy and more relaxed. Every day seems to be like a neverending trip to nowhere, but you can be everywhere and do everything! Is it boring? No, absolutely no. A kind of extravaganza, a special propriety. Exciting. With this secret you can get directly your target. There is no stress about disease or feelling of loosing someone or something. You can be famous, rich, you can have time to get all knowledge of the world. You will be wise and almighty like a god.

If I tell you this secret then it won't be a secret any more. Secret is secret and I can't do that. If everybody will be immortal world won't make any sense. There will be lots of paradox and problems. The race will be coming in wrong way. So, you have to get a fame name in another way. Try to be a rock star or a famous business man and get directly what you want.

The approaching Visions of being immortal takes place in the net world. Here you can be immortal for ages. Especially you arts, jobs, name and history. This medium have a big capability. Let's start to use it.

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