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Forty Two - Magic Number of Universe.

42. Do the magic numbers exist?

Everyone has his own lucky number. The birth date or people are counting letters in their name word. I thought that my is six. I was born 6 of April, lived at the 6 (triple times). For me 6 is the magic number, but realy? Am I right? Do the magic numbers exist?

Why the 42 is so interesting? It's mysteries and properties are incredible. I'm not talking about 4 + 2 means six. I mean that for us, here on the Earth, 42 has a special place.

Imagine a tunel in Earth that comes from one side to opposite through the corn of our globe. If you put st. in such a tunel by dropping a thing, this thing will accelerate by the Newton's equation (10m/s2) until it reach the center of the globe. After that it'll start to slow down while moving to the second enter of the tunnel and almost at the surface it will stop and then do it again in opposite direction. In fact, we are creating a Perpetuum Mobile in our imagination now, and it will be works for sure and never stop. One cycle takes accurately 42 minutes. 42 minutes from Tokyo to California for free! Sounds goood? Yes it does. If you make such a tunel not through the corn, but beside, for instance, a connection between London and Madrid and put no matter what kind of thing, this thing get accelerate and moving down. The speed will be less than at the first time. It takes also forty two minutes. The speed will be less, but the distance also. Both effects are working together. It is sensation, in such a tunnel the distance doesn't matter, it takes always 42 minutes. It's a pitty that we can make it only in our imagination.

Could the 42 number be an answer to everything, to the life, to the natural schema of universe? Look at the rainbow. Isn't she beautiful? To create any rainbow, light must reflect off water at the angle 42 degrees. Awesome! 42 is everywhere, even in religions. The Bible of Gutneberg contains 42 lines on each page. 42 gallons make a barrel.

When some people make love they start out with the sixty-nine and end with the forty-two position. The forty-two is also a sexual position that is related to the sixty-nine. In this position the woman will be on all fours and the man will be behind her on two, hence the name forty-two. The woman will be on her hands and knees and the he will be crouching down but still standing. This position requires much stamina and muscular fortitude from the man. Can you do that?

Questions arise.

I want to ask David Wilcock what is the shape of number 42. What is the symbol, the inteference pattern and the geometry of it?

What will be happend whan men reach age 42? Will he get high consciousness?

Is number 42 the code of universe?

How to build the tree of life using 42?

What is all about? Forty two.

It's the most powerful number. I belive we can understand the 42 number much easier than PI number. BTW, who knows what does the PI number come from? 3,1415...

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