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The Earth Doesn't Revolve The Sun.

What is the motion of the Solar System?

Everyone knows that center of our Solar System is the Sun. Next are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto with their moons and many other objects. Each of them are revolving around the Sun. But...

It seems to be not the truth realy, becouse the Sun is not the center of our Galaxy! It revolves around the galactic center. How speed does it reach? I do not know. It seems to planetes revolve in a spiral around the Sun orbiting around the center of our Galaxy. All of that is a big helix! What is the truly motion of the Solar System? Does the Earth after 365 days return to the starting point? Watch this film.

What Nicolaus Copernicus would say about that or Albert Einstein? What type of matter is Dark Matter? And what is Dark Energy? Why the expansion of the universe is so strange? Dark Flow - what the hell is this? What we will invent (or rather assume) after Quantum Mechanics or String Theory to understand the Universe? Maybe Nicolas Tesla was right with his Ether (or Aether)? Maybe there are no Dark Matter, no Dark Energy, no gravitation force only Ether...

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