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Destination >> Landing Pages.

Fresh idea to sell or to lease pages.

It will be works in very simple way. Basic domain name talks what is going on. Second level is for customize. Let me show you a model: Viagra.GetDirectly.com. That's it. Generic Top Level GetDirectly.com is for sale and all of subdomains for lease.

04 Aug 2012  •  Speaker  •  Read More  •  6281 Reads  •  Print

This is a blog platform I promised for Darren. This application will be not only be for him but for other people to use as well. I have named it BlogNow and the domain is ready and waiting. The idea is for the user to have a registered site with own address.

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Parking for my stuff.

I've just smoked another joint and get back to my old idea - I want to have my own parking for my domains. Simply, quick and usefull. I try to do st. like this with LogNow.eu projects, but I stopped. I've done one big mistake with LogNow - everything is belong to articles. Should be to users. So, this must be my next project. My domains stocks are staying in the grave. Still. I can not stand this!