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Sky Fall - new movie or plagiary?

Sky Fail - polish edition.

Who knows agent 007? Everybody I suppose. In Poland we have also a movie about special agent. In fact special agent 007 James Bond is a zero comparing with lieutenant Slawomir Borewicz 07.

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Andro Woman - best customer choice.

Multifunction Android - feminized.

CCD Camera 20,2 billion pixels with autofocus, HV - Holographic Video - playing and recording, WAS - Washing Advanced System, CCC - Cooking Control Center,
DCM - Double Cleaning Method, RTB - Resizing Tits Button, RFM - Remote Full Programmable.

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Benutzung Herrentoiletten.

Very smart way to earn much more.

How much is the pee? 10 cent or 2 Euro? Which one do you prefer? Toilet grandmather knows well, that everyone put 2 Euro insted 1/10. Funny and clever way to incerase benefits and make people smile. Laughing everyday.

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It's funny. Apple sucking Android.

iOS or Android? Which soft is better?

I've found another funny stuff at the net. Decided to draw it as a vector to you can cut or plot it. Look here to download it. Is this a good idea to put a smile on android face? ;)

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Funny Stuff  - Gas, Grass or Ass

I've found great graphics at the net. I've made it in vector file to get possibility for everyone to make a sticker or label for his car by own. You can download it here. Unzip the file and You will see the .eps one. I like it very much, so that's why I've done it ready to cut or print.