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Plumber - Hydraulik Orneta

What kind of logotype is ideal for a plumber?

Well, it will be great to see there a kind of pipes, elbow connection and of course water. Going that way we have fixed colours - grays and blue like water is. Now let's put all together.

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Techmar.Olsztyn.pl - Electrician Olsztyn.

Electrician from Olsztyn - Elektryk z Olsztyna

Home, domestic electrician called Techmar is visible at the world wide web now. This combat-effective small electric utility can do almost everything in your house, flat or real estate. Home website for efficient and agile electrician is here: elektryk Olsztyn.

23 Nov 2012  •  Speaker  •  Read More  •  7065 Reads  •  Print
Remose.com - my first own parking page.

Yes, I've done it already - own parking page.

Put remose.com at my own hosting service and installed simple parking site. It's good name and I was trying to presenting it at Sedo before. For now I can feel free to linking and writing about remose around the web.

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LogNow.eu - do it now!

New LogNow.eu logo.

Just another one made in time. LogNow is my old project i've leave half year ago. I need lot's of free workspace and free days/nights to back coding this, and I will.

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Domotechnica logo was created.

I have made simple logotype for Domotechnica. What about the whole site? I don't know. Let people from Domotechnica give me a brief of this project. For now here is only a sign and engine at domotechnica.zolsztyna.pl. Target domain should be domotechnica.eu or .pl. In fact I've bought both of them and they may be for sale.

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Brand Production.

I still feel like shit. Why? I do nothing with my domains. No coding, no design, no layouts, nothing.

I decided make a site for my firend. I want to do it with easy way to update content. Also want to have another platform to link in other sites.

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I put a simple screen at Avista.Olsztyn.pl

It's a local name I bought to sell directly to company called Avista Centrum stolarki Budowlanej. Half a year it stayed with nothing. So, at the beginning, I put a simple screem with basic informations about them. I want to make a full website, and administrate it, but those guys are very difficult and don't like to talk about internet and money.

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