Buddy Whoring

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Buddy Whoring. People who randomnly collect friends on Facebook or other social sites in which they have no idea who the hell they are. Jack is buddy whoring again. He's requested all of my friends that he doesn't even know!

Domain Length. BuddyWhoring.com is a 12 character word. It can be bad or good length by depending on what kind of domain name for targeting audience.

Top Level Domain. BuddyWhoring.com is the best TLD due to approximately 60% of top 300,000 sites uses '.com'. People are more habitually to type .com than other TLD.

Dictionary Words. BuddyWhoring is not a dictionary word but it contains dictionary words. Dictionary is most important to people because they will remember better without dictionary words. This domain is contained with bud, buddy, who, whoring, orin, ring, ing.

Distinctivity. Distinctivity is the most important factor of all. The domain name BuddyWhoring.com has a high distinctivity factor. Users will be able to remember fwew.com without much effort. Good choice for a domain name.

Of course when you say boddy whoring it means sex, erotic relationship, fever, excitement. Human imagination is without borders, can everything.

My others top level domains related to boddy whorinig: SexExtravaganza.com, SexExtravaganza.se, Macturbate.com, CounterFriends.com, LapHog.com, Skeezy.eu.

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